Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sleeveless Spencer / Bodice: Fitting It For Straps

I found half an hour today, after cutting out dozens of apple-blossom flowers for our sons' Kindergarten classroom door, to fit the sleeveless spencer for straps. Here is the spencer from the front.

The look in this picture is of a non-plussed woman, but what am I non-plussed about? The fitting is fine. I wore a camisole, then my stays and wrap-front dress. The idea is to make sure that the straps have room enough in them to accommodate the clothing worn underneath.

The white straps being fitted are the linen lining pieces. Once they're trimmed and sewn into onto the lining, the fashion fabric will laid over the top of each strap and sewn down.

The space left in the front is for lacing. I decided that a laced front would be more interesting than a lapped front, but may change my mind about this.

Now a side view, which I think is unintentionally funny. Do I have the nose-in-the-air attitude too down pat, perhaps? The stays offer the correct line. You can barely see the tight strap, set for the moment on top of the fashion fabric.

A last photo. The straps were rapidly pinned to the back of the bodice. The bodice, oh heavens, might be a little off kilter: I'll have to double check. However, the bodice is the right length: it just hides the waist seam on the dress. Good.

On to the next steps...


Jenni said...

Natalie, It looks as if it is coming along wonderfully well! Great job!

Laura Morrigan said...

It looks like it will be lovely. I love the fabric! I can't wait 'til I reach that level of sewing and can make beautiful things like this! I will have to experiment in the holidays!

Thread-Head said...

This is going to be such a show-stopper when at last, it is finished! I've loved seeing the evolution of construction.

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Natalie, you could be Queen of Everything with that expression. Lesser mortals are feeling unworthy all over the world! ;-) It really is looking gorgeous, this little bodice of win!

ZipZip said...

The Queen is most amused and thanks her subjects with utmost condescension.*

By the way, Laura, that fabric is plain: I embroidered it! Why not try some embroidery over the holidays? Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread is my go-to site for embroidery info and book sources.

Very best,

*In the 18th century, to condescend was not to patronize; it was to be gracious and kind.