1790s Costumes

This section is all about the costumes friends and I have made to celebrate the elegant, floaty, feathery beginning of the Regency period. I've split the page content out mostly by type of garment; each section contains links to the garments I've made. For research documentation see Costuming Research and Resources.

Main Garments

Gowns and Robes 

1795 Full Dress Ensemble in Cream Silk: Dress details, documentation, from head to toe...oops, except shoes
Goldwork Petticoat: To go with the cream silk full dress ensemble
: Dress diary of a dress commissioned unfinished from Geneece Arnold and then retooled for a different look, several times.

Hand-embroidered and spangled sleeveless/convertible spencer: an excruciatingly long project, yet one that ended well.

Cotton print handsewn drawstring dress, circa late 1790s: Analysis of the construction and stitches used on my first Regency-era dress; some of the information is now outdated. Dress from the Sense and Sensibility pattern.

Red Indian cotton print robe and petticoat for Laura: Dress diary. My friend Jenni and I designed and researched the dress, and then Jenni made it.




Precis of a bandeau and lots of false hair, 2011. Beautiful but hard to put together, and very hot to wear.

Earlier version of the headdress, at the Jane Austen festival. Described in some detail.



Blue and gold fan for the 2011 Jane Austen Festival Ball

Fans -- Some History and a Painting Experiment


1795 hairpiece: easy long locks, but you can't take the hat off, because it's sewn to a hairband!

See also the Bandeau entry above; the hair is described at some length.


1795 straw hat with salmon trim and ostrich plume: Precis



1790s shift, from the Sense and Sensibility pattern, with alterations

Bodiced petticoat and/or underdress

Bodiced petticoat full tutorial: Made for a friend, this bodiced petticoat serves also as light stays. These petticoats could also be worn as an opaque layer under a sheer dress; I haven't made one of these yet.

Strapped under-petticoat

A quick strapped petticoat, made for a friend.


Fully boned transition stays: The Past Patterns #30 1796-1806 transition stays. I made them for myself and they are terrific. No postings on them thus far, sadly.

Made by talented fellow blogger and Sense and Sensibility forum friend Sarah Jane Meister.

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