Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vernet's 1814 Marveilleuses and Incroyables: A Robe a la Ninon

What? A post? Yes indeed. Brief, but a post...about the Vernet project! The Chapeau à l'Anglaise, Robe à la Ninon is the plate I selected to recreate, and it's a honey of a dress, rather different than the other plates, and full of possibilities for my murky version of sparkling wit.

For reasons far too tedious to relate, excepting a bit about a certain tawny sheep and another about some delightful Bhutanese ladies, this was not a year that allowed for costuming, or really much of anything other than responsibilities. The project languished and all I could do was to close the year with the following...

Even hot chocolate had no power to keep the needlewoman awake.
Now I take needle in hand again in the hope that 2016 will be a little kinder. We shall see.

Next up, let's dissect the plate. All is not as it immediately appears, or is it? Or is it not?