Sunday, November 17, 2013

Deutscher Pfannkuchen: A Gentle Dinner Treat for A Warm Evening

Last evening it was almost seventy degrees outside, and the neighbors were sitting under torches, chatting and watching the flames in their firepit. It was so balmy and cozy in the evening darkness that I thought to make a candlelit dinner equally gentle. So it was out with Great Aunt Alice's No. 8 cast-iron frying pan, a good hot oven, a quick stir of the ingredients, and the result into the oven to puff and scent the air. Ah, Deutscher Pfannkuchen, or German pancake, a light dish a bit like fallen soufflé -- but really, it's light! -- that's wonderful served with applesauce, some other fresh fruit, a little bread and a bit of cheese.

The boys arrived home from Mamaw's and Papaw's at the farm, and I had the candles lit and everything waiting. It was a good dinner. Herewith, the recipe, as dictated to me by my son, Christopher, here on the sofa with me the afternoon following:

Deutscher Pfannkuchen

Beat three eggs with three tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 6 tablespoons milk. Pour the batter into a large, generously butter skillet and bake it in a hot over, 425 degrees F, for 8 minutes. Reduce the heat to moderately hot, 375 degrees F, and bake it for 8 minutes longer, or until the pancake puffs up above the side of the pan and turns a delicate brown.

Place the pancake on a platter, sprinkle it with the juice of 1/2 lemon, three tablespoons sugar, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and one 1/4 cup melted butter. Roll the pancake and dust it with powdered sugar.

Serve at once with applesauce if desired.

From one of my favorite cookbooks, Gourmet's Old Vienna Cookbook: Viennese Memoir. By Lillian Langseth-Christiansen. New York: 1959.

I did not roll up the pancake, but served it in pie-shaped slices, plus I omitted the butter and the powdered sugar.

Also, one winner has yet to contact me so I can send her the giveaway. Laura, please see

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winners! Big, Fun Double Giveaway

We have winners of the Big, Fun Double Giveaway!  Will Jen Conrad and Laura Morrigan please contact me at zip zip inkspot (spaceless) at gmail? Then we can make arrangements for sending you your new fabric and notions.

Thank you most kindly to all who entered. Very much enjoyed reading about what each of you planned to do with the materials. Naturally, am adding a few more items to each stash, just for fun, and hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Big, Fun Double Giveaway

Ooh, supplies!
A few days ago an order of wool crepe fabric arrived in the mail, the material for an upcoming dress. As a freebie, the package contained three two-yard cuts of fabric. It was certainly nice to receive, no doubt about that; however, none of the fabric suits my personal style.

Methought, here's a chance to give it to someone, or someones, who will use and enjoy it! One thing led to another and before a half hour was out I'd gone through the sewing closet and had pulled out lace and notions that have sat there unused, some for 7-8 years. Just for fun, I added in a few pieces of antique lace, since I love and collect it.

Herewith, a giveaway, and just in time for the pleasant, though sometimes frenetic, period that we make gifts and treats for those we like, love, and esteem.

So, what do we have?

First, fabric: three two-yard cuts of a), a thin synthetic animal print, good for scarves, drapey top, or lined skirt; b) rich-colored synthetic floral with a black background; c) white jersey knit, soft, and almost opaque, good for baby clothes and tops.

Vintage and antique lace and some helpful notions. Much of the lace is in multi-yard amounts. Most is cotton, but there is a bit of synthetic thrown in. Some of the laces feature gaps through which ribbon can be run: those are good for Edwardian and 20s lingerie. The package of key-ring style rings? Heaven knows where that came from, but you can use them for their original purpose, or wrap thread around them and use them in sewing or crafting projects as handsome connectors. Then there are a couple of random zippers...

The lace, ah, the lace. This was collected years ago on a Tea Society to a pretty town in Southern Ohio, and was part of a very big bag of lace I found for $11. I have been using bits of that in all kinds of projects ever since, and alas, with this giveway, it's gone.

We have what may be the lace edging on a child's slip: fine cotton edging lace, attached to filet lace. Teens or 20s. A little damaged, as is often the case with fine-threaded lace, but repairable (believe me, I've done it), and good for any number of projects, although it's not enough for the bottom of an adult slip, alas. The yellowing will wash out if you very carefully wash it in Woolite or similar gentle soap. PLEASE never wash this lace in a machine or it will be destroyed.

Then we have a lace cuff, in Irish crochet. It's three-dimensional, and fun just to touch. Good for something, perhaps doll clothes? Or if you crochet, perhaps you'd like to copy it. Again, it will wash to a creamy white. Edwardian era.

Lastly, a series of vintage notions and tools. Some binding, some edging good for children's clothing, a full container of Bernina bobbins, and a tiny embroidery hoop. I have a Bernina I don't use, preferring to use my treadle or hand crank machines, so these bobbins have gone a-begging.

I will randomly divide all of this loot into two giveaway packages to go to two winners, and may yet add some surprise items. Patterns, perhaps, or natural-fiber fabric, or more lace, or what? Who knoweth the mind of a woman in clear-out mode?

If you wish to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment explaining what you might do with some of the items, and how you might disperse the rest, perhaps to a new seamstress or seamster, perhaps to a school or class, perhaps as gifts? Personally speaking, it gives me great joy to send on things to those who will appreciate them.

I will choose a winner on November 12...that's not too many days away.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Cat from Outer Space...

...and a golden eagle... Noah and Christopher celebrate Hallowe'en.

Our cat is holding up his flying saucer, which we made from cane (for hoops!), duct tape, and two trash bags, plus glow sticks for lighting. He's in his mask, has his jeweled collar with special powers of telepathy and the ability to fly, and is sitting on his tail. Ouch.
Here is our golden eagle, with beak mask and wings. Both boys have long preferred to dress in concepts applied sparingly, not all over.

After this picture, it was off we went, Christopher sitting in his wagon, crouched down under his flying saucer, and Noah leading the way. Once at a neighbor's door, Christopher walked down his gangway (the wagon handle), and followed Noah to the door, where they stammered out "Trick or Treat", looked pleased or embarassed depending on whether they knew the neighbor or not, and had to be reminded to thank the givers for the candy. Ah well, it's all good. Tasty, too.

Next time, it's back to the cap. I've been be-busied by household events, Cub Scouts, finishing a friend's Edwardian skirt for her, and everything else that makes life good and sometimes a little too much. Will look forward to the quiet of stitching a small thing.