About the Author

Hello, my name's Natalie Ferguson. I've been keeping this blog since 2005. That's getting to be a long time, and until recently it's been an anonymous venture, as far as the text goes. However, so much research and effort have gone into the content, and photos of my family and I figure throughout, so really there's no longer any sense in avoiding formally attaching a name to the thing.

So, here are the tags of identity, the vitae, to add to the crush of billions out there: mama and wife, MA American History, MPH Behavioral Science, both from Emory University, worker bee in public health, and everlasting reader of history and examiner of all the detritus of history, but especially of the social-historical sort -- sewing manuals, magazines, letters and journals, bits of old garments and textiles.

Hoping that you find the content intriguing and occasionally useful, and/or a cure for curiosity or ennui. Very best to you!

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