Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hie Thee to Highbury

Pretty and properly pointy, the new little Highbury Regency flats from American Duchess strike me as dandy shoes for lots of reasons. The biggest of which is that there's no dainty little heel to collect greenery and brownery the minute you go outdoors and attempt to strike a Regency pose under an arbor or up against the shrubbery.

The second of which is because it's so paintable and dyable and decoratable.

The final of which is that this shoe could very easily be worn everyday, because it's built for comfort. A Little Black Shoe, anyone, for this summer's early 60's-style structured dresses? Yes indeed. Dang it, why didn't they come out in January, so I could attend Keeneland's Spring Meet in the right shoe for tripping through the tulips on the way to the paddock and back to the tailgate?

Do head on American I have two pairs of American Duchess shoes and can vouch for their comfort.

Of course, I've entered the giveaway contest, like a great many of you, and am crossing my fingers, just like your. One of us may just get a jolt of springtime luck.

Yes, Keeneland really does look this wonderful.
Yes, there is lots of grass in which to entrap a shoe.
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