Thursday, October 24, 2019

Heads Up! Big Edits Have Been Made To the 1890s Antique Skirt Post

One of the sources of the new information,
Sophie Klug's The Art of Dressmaking.
Sometimes it's good to let a post sit a bit before you post it, in case you find out more about your subject. I should have let the last post about an antique skirt in my collection mellow a bit.

That's because I learned a good bit about brush braid -- known as skirt braid -- and about 1890s interlinings/facings, oh, and strengthening seams of two bias edges, over the last day or so that have shed a lot more light on the skirt and the methods used to make it. Methods that we can use in our costuming efforts.

The previous post, An Antique 1890s Black Skirt With Brush Braid In My Collection,  has been heavily edited to add the new information, as there's no point in splitting the knowledge for any readers who might arrive down the line.

If you're interested, please have a look!

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