Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gingerbread Cookie Decorating with Friends

For most of my life gingersnaps or crisp-style gingerbread cookies have had little appeal, Spekulatius cookies being the exception. Either they were too dry, dense, and dusty-like, or too sharply spiced, with so much ginger and cloves as to become bitter.

Last Saturday, a change of heart. The "Holiday Gingerbread Cookies" Jenni baked for our morning of cookie-decorating with the tots were crisp, but with cracker-ish layers to keep them gentle in the biting, highly spiced but without bitterness, and no dustiness lurking anywhere. Really good cookies.

Did we have a good time. The tots always look forward to visits with Autumn Jane, and this morning was no exception. The cookies were merely icing on the cake. Bad pun, sorry folks, couldn't help it.

Read more in the Sweet Success post on Jenni's blog, Living with Jane.

The Christmas season has begun!

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