Monday, August 03, 2009

Midsummer Scenes

Midsummer sings the song of water, filling wheelbarrows, falling from watering cans, falling in sheets from the sky, falling into the sink to clean dirty faces.

We explore the water in a wheelbarrow Mama has filled for us.

We fill our watering cans, and empty them on thirsty plants, in buckets, on the cement, anywhere that seems to need it. Mama tied the hose to the wheelbarrow to discourage disputes over who gets to control it, and encouraged sharing and taking turns. It worked pretty well for us: sharing is not always easy but we like to take care of each other.

Mamaw lets us water her flowers with big watering cans out at the farm. We go back and forth to the pump with Mama. The flowers look thirsty even though we hear Mama and Mamaw compare notes on rainfall...over four inches in a week and a half!

On days that threaten rain we draw shapes in pudding and Brittany teaches us alphabet letters in it. Who knew you could eat what you learn? Then it's off to the sink to de-stick-ify...

So that is a taste of midsummer. Watery or pudding-y, it's a good time to be two.

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