Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmastime Silliness with the Twins

The boys sure have enjoyed their first Christmas season. They've laughed and giggled until they've worn themselves out, have shaken wrapping paper and crinkled up circulars from the daily paper, Christopher has mastered sitting up, and Noah has mastered the art of the screech. Herewith, video documentation:

Christopher Gets More Than He Bargained For

Playing in the Good Ship "Noah"

I didn't know boys could laugh together so much. This sort of thing goes on intermittently all day.

Noah Takes Control

...of the video camera. Apparently he wasn't enamoured of all the attention his brother was getting.

To Come on Monday or Tuesday:
  • our babies dance to Aaron Neville
  • Noah's hiccups have him trying to go airborne
  • Christopher says: "mna mna mna mna"
  • The tumble and what came of it

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