Friday, October 26, 2012

Steampunk Black Dress: A Shrunken Sleeve Cuff

Sorry, Mrs. C.: you thought the gargantuan cuff mad and Victorian, and it was definitely Steampunkish, but I thought it might attack me, Zombie-like, so the lace went away. For this weekend's event it's better so, for I will be playing an airship stewardess. Later we can address a more proper lace effect, with better lace, better placed.

What we lack for this event:
  • overskirt belt
  • sewing bias folds above the skirt flounce
  • tacking down the overskirt trim (the bias fold part of that will come later)
  • lace at neckline
  • airship insignia
  • hat!


Lady M said...

I rather like the sleeves without lace. Black venice lace would be beautiful. Perhaps the white lace was too much contrast with the muted colors.

MrsC said...

I forgive you! It is all so beautiful and I love the idea of a Steampunk air steward. No "coffee, tea or me?" nonsense I am sure!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Time flies by! I hope you have fun at the event this weekend!
The dress turned out lovely - can't wait to seeing you wearing it! Don't forget your camera :)


ZipZip said...

Thank you all! Yes, I shall be a most proper steward, plus I shall be armed :}

You have a good idea about using the black lace. Post event, time for research.

This project has flown...what with so much else going on.