Monday, August 20, 2012

Kertyschoo! The First School Bug Hits

Achoo! Sniffle. We all hab codes in de dnose.

Last week marked the first week of school and a couple of cold viruses decided to make a bold entrance, and drop near the entire class with sneezles and wheezles. Parents and siblings too.

Ah well. My mother remembers going to school with a cold, and I certainly do too; the rule in this town is that you're in school unless you have a fever or something nasty like roseola, etc.

Hunh. I know our nation hopes and expects our children to grow up to be well-educated, helpful and responsible citizens, but does that include passing around germs so that their families, parental workmates and colleagues, fellow parishioners, and store clerks everywhere share in the sneezy joy, lose both sleep and equanimity?  Especially while we gain bad moods, exhaustion, and general whininess all around?

I am well aware that staying home with sick children make parents who work lose work hours or adds to the burden of grandparents or sitters. I am aware of the chaos that causes, because I work part-time.

How can we balance this? With quarantine rooms at school, for all the sickies who cannot stay home?

I just do not know. Our society is so complex, and so unbalanced...

Are we expecting too much of little five year olds?


Jenni said...

You have it too? "It" hit me hard on the first day, and Jane the day after that. Of staying home for a teacher during the first week of school...impossible. I hope you and yours feel better soon.

ZipZip said...

Dear Jenni,
Oh no. I bet the time at school while sick was so, so hard. Fel for you both!!

When it hit late Saturday, I felt so achy and weak, and slept a good bit Sunday morning, and kept having to sit down yesterday.

Today getting stronger and doing a lot of housework.



Anonymous said...

That is the one thing I cannot bear about the school year. I am quite in accord with your thoughts about the staying home part. If everyone would just stay home when they are unwell there would be at least a little less sickness, right?

And maybe I'm just crazy. :)

ZipZip said...

Dear Kelsi,
I'd certainly think so! It seems so commonsense, like washing your hands :}

Very best,