Monday, May 09, 2011

Renovating My Sheer 1795 Morning Dress: Alllllllllmost There

Is it modern textile art?

No, it's my frill.

It's not long enough.

I measured 1.5 times the length of the dress hem, aiming, you see, for a scanty frill.

Then it was quiet hours of rolling hems and rolling seams to connect the 18" sections, for I was working with the last dribs and drabs of my voile, piecing like mad. After that, some relatively speedy whipped gathers (they are fun!).

Last evening, the moment of truth. Would the result be long enough? No. Just inches short.


I may add it later. It's on the portion of the dress covered by by the wrapped front.

Right now, whipping the frill to the hem. Tonight, the grand try-on.

In Other News
  • I should have revised information for you on rolled hems, having refined my method to make it go faster, but still be accurate, and have developed a method to make a finer finish. It involves taking a cue from whipped gathers..instead of folding the initial hem, roll it!
  • Have made a video on whipped gathers. Thery can be relatively speedy and fun. This involves proper preparation of fabric and thread, and holding the needle at just the right angle.
  • Have photos for tips on whipping a frill to a hem.
  • Finally, knowing that my early cap uses rolled seams, I've done these too to join the frill lengths. Works great. Have an idea on how to make one that's strong...using a very thin cord inside to take stress. Could mean rolled seams for a transparent dress. Now I need to see if something like this was actually done!
Christopher after helping. Boredom or peace or
just sniffing the rose scent wafting up from outside?


Kleidung um 1800 said...

Almost done?! Do we get to hear a sigh of relief and a loud "Yahoo" when you'll have the grand try-on?
As it seems we've both have had thrilling frill days! I have been mushroompleating today for hours. I would be definately very interested in more information about "really rolled hems" and whipstitched gathers, because it's always instructive to see how other costumers work!

ZipZip said...

Dear Sabine,
Yes, there will be great and loud rejoicing when the dress is done:}

Will try to get those pictures up of fine rolled hems as soon as possible.

What is mushroom pleating? That's a new one to me, and it sounds neat.

Very best,


MrsC said...

Natalie you are an evil tease! LOL! I'm going to run out on the street singin the Hallelujah chorus when you finally post the finished dress ON YOU ;-)

Summer (Our Heroine) said...

Sounds exciting, can't wait to see! Not just your renovated dress but fantastical handsewing techniques *sigh*

ZipZip said...

:) :] Thank you!

Pictures await ...

Very best,