Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day

Today was May Day, warmish, cloudy-ish, damp-ish, but all in all quite nice.

We went a-Maying, picking a bouquet of wildflowers for Grandmother.

We leave the basket at her door, run, and hide.

Suitably surprised, Grandmother enjoys her grandsons as much as her bouquet.

The flowers in their mustard pot. We have here violets, star-of-bethlehem, a sort of pink-tinged wild daisy, a bush honeysuckle, wood sorrel, and grass. Or these are the names I know them by. Do you have others?

In other news, I finished attaching the skirt to my dress.

Took awhile. The front uses a hem stitch, where the gathering is scanty. I wanted a very low-profile look, and overcast, no matter how tiny, seemed overkill, and backstitching left too much of a pseudo piped edge. The sides and back use an overcast stitch, which in the very back, is set between almost every single gather, to set each off nicely so as to create a pretty pleated effect. The stitches there run about 1/16" apart.

Next step? Try-on and hemming, and attaching the bottom frill. Yes Mrs. C., next post I will be in the dress, not Mrs. Mannequin.

How I wish I could see the seamwork, up close, on several real mull dresses of the day!

Happy May Day to you all,



Kleidung um 1800 said...

Dear Natalie,
I am really looking forward to seeing you wearing that beautiful muslin dress!
And I second that we definetley have to get more closeups of seams and the "left side" of garments!!!

MrsC said...

Yippee!!!!! :)

ZipZip said...


My personal wish is that either Linda Baumgartner of Colonial Williamsburg or the folks at the Victoria and Albert would publish a Costume Close Up style book for the Regency era. Soon.

Very best, and May turned to early April this morning. It's dadgum cold and dim.