Friday, May 20, 2011

Exploding 18th Century Food...and Even Shaped Like a Cannonball

No, this is not Zombie-related, but it will be
Now that I have your attention :}

This blog is all about experiments. So are other blogs. Usually the experiments aren't the source of explosions, or of giggles, but in the case of Madame Berg's recent experiments with a stuffed 18th century cabbage and boiled hamburgers, dated ditto, you will find both. What a howl!

Perhaps I was punch-drunk after a busy two weeks last evening, but on reading this on the mobile device thingie after lights out last night, I kept falling into giggle fits. The fits kept little Christopher awake and in laughing fits too, because he thought it was funny that Mama was laughing so hard. Poor Curte and Noah: they missed the joke, being asleep already.

Have fun, and happy weekend!


I have not forgotten the voile dress. It just lacks the last bit of frill and time for a photo shoot. We have family here this weekend so time is not available.


Madame Berg said...

Wee, thanks for the mention! I'm happy I could make you giggle (sorry about waking your baby, though! :)

ZipZip said...

Dear Madame Berg,

Most happy to. I laughed so hard...

Christopher was already awake; all the giggles just made it harder to go to sleep, but who cares? We had a great time.

Very best and happy weekend,