Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wishing the Exhibit "Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion" Could Travel to the U.S.

Official exhibition homepage
Last year the Milanese were treated to a large and lovely showing of Regency-era clothing, from the 1790s right through to the birth of the Romantic era, in an exhibit titled Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion. Then it traveled to Rome. I fondly hope it will travel and open in the U.S. at some point.

For those of us interested in the high-waisted era, this is a very rare chance to see high-quality originals mounted with accessories in the way they would originally have been worn.

Professional Natalie Garbett, who is a member of the exhibit team, has been posting about her experience. It makes for interesting reading, and I hope she will continue the series. Besides giving us the link to the official site, she has treated us to the photographers' collection; the photos are copyrighted so I cannot show any here, but urge you to go see for yourself. See also views of a circa 1808-1815 pelisse that didn't make it into the final exhibition!

Then there are the many articles and videos about the exhibition, linked to from the official site. The catalog, which starts shipping in the U.S. on April 12, is first on my book wish list.

If you are not already familiar with Ms. Garbett's work, you ought to be: it's dreamy, and the photos of her costumes are an education in themselves. I had been introduced to her blog some while ago, but it went quiet for a bit, and am glad to know she is posting again.


MrsC said...

Thank you so much Natalie, I just peeked at the black velvet pelisse and it is so lovely - simple and elegant. Nice to see a crossover used in an outer garment too.

ZipZipInkspot said...

I think so too!

Now, if we could get real 100% silk velvet. Right, good luck :}

Very best,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link. We would be so lucky for this exhibit to travel throughout the US.

taio said...


ZipZipInkspot said...

Crossing fingers it travels some more! :}

lahbluebonnet said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing about my blue flowers! I've been enjoying your blog for nearly a year. This exhibit does look good and I voted for it to come to America. I'll be checking out the different features, without a doubt!

ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Laurie,

That's neat! :} So glad we are enjoying each other's blogs.

Very best, and happy conclusion to Plato; I am most impressed.


vesnuccia said...

it never went to rome though :)
next stop are france anc england :)

ZipZipInkspot said...

It didn't? Oh, what a shame. France and England, eh? I can still hope for the U.S., a European trip not being in the cards this year.

Thanks for the tip,


vesnuccia said...

they are in conntact with some new york exebition spaces :D. so it could be for the last months of 2011 if everything goes as it should :D

ZipZipInkspot said...

That would be great!
Very best,

Fichu1800 said...

Hi Natalie,

Thank you for your kind comments. I'll keep you updated via my blog on where the exhibition will travel to next. Brussels is the first place in early 2012 then hopefully America.

Thank you again and really enjoy your blog,

Kind regards,

Natalie (Fichu )

ZipZip said...

Dear Natalie,

You are most welcome! The exhibition is a special one, and joy to us who love the high-waisted era.

Cannot wait until my exhibition catalog arrives.

Very much enjoy your blog as well,