Saturday, March 05, 2011

A New Blog Name, a New Blog Look

I've been writing under the title of "Zip Zip's Vintage Sewing" since 2005, but not long after starting the blog, I started experimenting with period sewing projects, and they slowly took precedence. Now it's been years since I even thought of doing anything vintage, so the blog name really doesn't suit the subject.

Yet I couldn't bear to part with the Zip Zip part of the name, since it comes from my sweet kitty companion of many years, whom I still miss very often.

At last it's time to start fresh. Since for me period sewing is simply experimentation, essay, "just-seeing", and playing, it's a frolic. I've no ambitions to reenact, or to construct a living history impression. I just want to take my academic background in historical research that I don't use in professional life but that won't quit bugging me and put all those two-dimensional notes and essays and scribbles and apply them to three-dimensional fabric, to see what happens, and then to enjoy wearing the results, or to critique and learn from the flops. Then to share anything valuable -- or silly -- I've learned with you, for the love of sharing. It's pure hobby.

Right now the 1790s have center stage, but sometimes I still think of trying another Edwardian ensemble, in really streamlined, Poiret-style fashion, and there is the 1872 Dolly Varden dress that just won't leave me alone, along with the purely academic exercise in tracking and documenting that fad. Then there are the twins, making their own frolic through their childhood, and of whom I write occasionally.

So we have a new name, "A Frolic through Time". Over the next few weeks, I will be tweaking the design and adding some links to posts that focus on specific periods.

If you find any problems with the layout, please holler. I went in and fooled with the blog layout code. I can hack around in HTML okay, but I'm not very good, so fully expect some glitches.

Very best to you all,


Kleidung um 1800 said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to new entries galore! The chosen title fits perfectly...and I guess Zip Zip would appreciate it, cause she has the best place in the world forever: in your heart!


ZipZipInkspot said...

Thank you, Sabine!
Yes, Zip Zip does have a good place...hearts can be very nice spots indeed.

Very best to you, and to Mila :]