Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Cowboys Are Worried

Celebrating Hallowe'en and All Saints at The Old Episcopal Burying Ground. Our boys were early wakened from their naps and didn't think much of the proceedings, even getting to carry candles to the little outdoor service. It wasn't until the cupcakes were handed out that Noah even smirked.

At trick or treat time, a different scene. Visiting three neighbors, as promised? Not enough. We traveled to five and the boys chatterboxed the whole way, proud of their rodeo cowboy identities and prouder of being able to say, "I have as much candy as I can hold". They stuffed the front pockets of their overalls until they looked like their tummies had traveled to their chests.

None of those pictures came out, though, for nobody wanted to remain still.

We're all nibbling the proceeds, a candy or two a day.

Had fun making the outfits. The pattern is from Butterick...I think. Fake cowhide for the fabric, and the vests are lined with chambray and so are reversible. We hope they'll want to wear those again, because they're cute!


Jenni said...

They are the cutest cowboys in town!

ZipZipInkspot said...

Thank you, Jenni :} They got lots of extra hugs on account of that soft fake fur...

Jean said...

Not that your twin cowboys aren't adorable, but I'm partial to cats and just had to say Zip Zip was beautiful. I still miss my cat Nikki from years ago. Looking forward to exploring your site as I enjoy period dramas and literature.

ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Jean,

Thank you! I do miss Zip Zip very much, even these years later, and think of her daily. By the way, I had found your blog just the other day while researching potential menus for an Austenesque Advent's entertainment. What fun!

Thanks kindly,
Natalie in KY