Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Twins: Whoa, Where'd They Go?

The twins haven't appeared much in these pages lately, but that's because toddler isn't a very good word for their state. They don't toddle anymore. Mini-meteor might be more appropriate. Or maybe colt. They sure seem more adjusted to living in a field where they can satisfy the urge to run, than to a house, which offers too many corners and blind turns to negotiate in slippy socks.

They may spend happy hours every day with their books tossed around them, explaining to each other the pictures that they see, but the rest of the day is for kicking up their heels or running full tilt, ringing an imaginary fire bell as they race to put out the next fire or rescue a kitty from a window. Whoa, boys, can I get your picture, please? Here we go -- wait, wait! Ack, that one'll be blurry. Oh, never mind.

Memo to file. Next time, use the sport mode on the camera. If it's fast enough.


Sarah Jane said...

Oh Natalie, your boys are getting so big. I remember your first posting about them on the S&S board when they were born, which doesn't seem very long ago at all! They are truly adorable little men. It sounds like they energy like mine do! :)

ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Sarah,

Oh my, it wasn't very long ago, really, just the blink of an eye. Although some nights when I am very, very tired, it seems like forever, but then I get one of them in my arms, all warm and huggy, and "forever" turns back into "blink of the eye".
Your boys are growing so much, too! With their Learning Room you know they're little men, now, not teeny tads.
Very best,

Rebecca said...

What darling wee boys they are...So adorable!

I know that turbo speed with Katie all too well..LOL!!..So much gusto and drive..Can you imagine what could be accomplished with that much energy?

See you Sunday afternoon at Tea!