Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet Nina, Lana's First Lamb

Nina. Eight pounds. Fuzzy, warm, adorable. The first for Lana. The first for us. The boys' own lamb.
Here she is not long after birth, barely dry and already up and

This morning as I write a wood thrush is singing outside the open window, the song one of the most beautiful of any American bird. The thrushes are migrating to the northern woods. May his or her trip be safe and successful, and may they nest and bring beautiful babies, like this baby, to add happiness to the world.

Lana is a good mother, protective and loud when she protests us holding her baby. Nina is almost as loud, but up a few octaves. in calling for her mama. Here she is:

Mama sheep tend to check on their lambs when they nurse, and nudge them around with their noses so that the lambs remain near their sides. Sheep wag their tails madly when happy and Sara Dunham of Punkin's Patch up in Cynthiana says that a lamb who is nursing successfully nursing will wag its tail while drinking. No tail wag? He or she may be having trouble latching on.

Now they share a maternity pen with both outdoor and indoor spaces with their relatives, and the lambs, just days old, are bouncing around. Now I understand what gamboling means: springy hops with front legs, back legs, all legs! Sidesteps, mincing, prancing and fidgety dancing. It's adorable and hypnotic. 

You can read all about Laura and Chris' new flock babies at Square Peg Farm. You'll see Kelly's just-born lamb and its first steps, and meet all the mamas and their little ones.


Kleidung um 1800 said...

This warms my heart :)
I'm so glad you've decided to get Lana and now her little daughter Nina. Spring has sprung and little lamb is jumping with joy over the meadows :)
Wishing them both a happy long life in the green and for you lots of lovely wool for spinning...


Natalie Ferguson said...

Dear Sabine,

Oh yes, I have oodles of fleece and I wash it and card it a bit at a time, and each little bit reminds me of our little buddies happy in their flock in Kentucky's rich green fields.

Cassidy said...

Oooooooooh, little baby! So sweet!

Natalie Ferguson said...

Just what we said, Cassidy! Lots of ooing that day :}
Very best,