Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vernet's 1814 Marveilleuses and Incroyables: A Robe a la Ninon

What? A post? Yes indeed. Brief, but a post...about the Vernet project! The Chapeau à l'Anglaise, Robe à la Ninon is the plate I selected to recreate, and it's a honey of a dress, rather different than the other plates, and full of possibilities for my murky version of sparkling wit.

For reasons far too tedious to relate, excepting a bit about a certain tawny sheep and another about some delightful Bhutanese ladies, this was not a year that allowed for costuming, or really much of anything other than responsibilities. The project languished and all I could do was to close the year with the following...

Even hot chocolate had no power to keep the needlewoman awake.
Now I take needle in hand again in the hope that 2016 will be a little kinder. We shall see.

Next up, let's dissect the plate. All is not as it immediately appears, or is it? Or is it not? 


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Hello Sweetheart! 2015 has been a universally tough year it seems! We have missed you.
The dress is gorgeous. The exaggerated top line is interesting - I look forward to seeing how you interpret it. I can imagine there is some kind of more typically fitted bodice lining under the drape to support it?

Natalie Ferguson said...

Dear Mrs. C.,
Hello and hugs! Have missed you and everyone, too. Rather fell off the map here.

It IS a neat dress, and through research I've found it's an exaggerated variation on familiar elements...befitting the elegant, witty, and luscious courtesan for which it's named.

Yes, there is a typical bodice underlying the bust poufs. What else can I call them? Am tempted to name them boob balloons but that isn't exactly ladylike language. :}

Further, the construction needn't be at all complicated; it's really quite plain, and depends on *how* its worn for the effect.

The hat isn't hard, either, just lots of fun. I'll save that for another time.

I'll be on over to your blog in a bit to catch up. Meanwhile, very best New Year, and wishing you a safe, secure, happy, contented, madcap-when-wanted 2016.


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Now isn't that just the best way for a dress to be - a bit of a challenge but not so much as to cause hair to be pulled out!?
I love Boob Balloons. I have no boobs really so am doubly impressed by the concept! ;-) xo