Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The Cat from Outer Space...

...and a golden eagle... Noah and Christopher celebrate Hallowe'en.

Our cat is holding up his flying saucer, which we made from cane (for hoops!), duct tape, and two trash bags, plus glow sticks for lighting. He's in his mask, has his jeweled collar with special powers of telepathy and the ability to fly, and is sitting on his tail. Ouch.
Here is our golden eagle, with beak mask and wings. Both boys have long preferred to dress in concepts applied sparingly, not all over.

After this picture, it was off we went, Christopher sitting in his wagon, crouched down under his flying saucer, and Noah leading the way. Once at a neighbor's door, Christopher walked down his gangway (the wagon handle), and followed Noah to the door, where they stammered out "Trick or Treat", looked pleased or embarassed depending on whether they knew the neighbor or not, and had to be reminded to thank the givers for the candy. Ah well, it's all good. Tasty, too.

Next time, it's back to the cap. I've been be-busied by household events, Cub Scouts, finishing a friend's Edwardian skirt for her, and everything else that makes life good and sometimes a little too much. Will look forward to the quiet of stitching a small thing.


Anonymous said...

Very creative costumes! Did the boys come up with their own ideas for these? I'm especially intrigued by the cat from outer space, and I love that he was rolled around in the wagon and walked down the gangway. What fantastic memories!


Natalie Ferguson said...

Dear Quinn,

Good evening! The boys enjoy dreaming and pretending, that's for sure. Noah came up with his own idea for the wings and mask. He was going to make them of paper, but I thought they'd be torn in a heartbeat, so used fleece.

Christopher is actually a movie character from the 1970s, a highly intelligent tabby cat with jeweled and glowing collar, who arrives in a bug-like flying saucer. The Cat from Outer Space was a Disney movie, and pretty low budget, but the boys loved it, and Christopher, a cat lover, was besotted with Jake kitty and his powers. So it's not an original idea, but we had fun making it come to life. I kept his tabby marabou tail and collar, and the saucer remains, for now, as a ship to carry stuffed animals to far-away worlds :}

Very best,