Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleeveless / Convertible Spencer: Embroidery Completed!

At long last, eh? I started the embroidery in late April, and here it is, practically late July. The project started October 26, 2011. How's that for glacial movement?


I've worked on the project in bits and drabs, obviously. Sure wish I'd kept careful count of the hours, but would say it varied from 30 minutes to 1 hour per complete motif.

Can you find the single blue motif? Why is there only one when the effect is so nice? I meant to use more of that color. Let's make up a myth to explain it. What shall it be?

The embroidery is sparse, similar to both extant spencers in the Metropolitan from which my design is inspired. It will feel tighter, however, when the seam allowances are turned and the pleating is added to the neckline.

American or European spencer, 1800-1830
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Late 18th century spencer
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Now for construction, if I remember how to do it :}

Today I leave you with a bit of the silly season --

Three friends outside the entrance to the formal garden at Ashland Estate.


MrsC said...

Oh my goodness this is so preeetty! Cannot wait to see it made up! :)

Sarajan said...

You are so clever! For my entire life (ok, actually since my freshman year of college) I've waited for Edwardian fashion to take over. Charge!

The Bohemian Belle said...

and just in the nick of time for jane fest! great job!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Dear Natalie,

YES, the embroidery is finally done!!! And it is soooo beautiful! The vibrant purple, the embroidery - I really can imagine how it all comes together in the spencer! The pieces do resemble the original piece (Spencer No 1) perfectly!

Now all the labour and long hours of stitching (and dispair) have hopefully turned into a "Huzzah!"


ZipZip said...

Thank you, everyone! It *was* a celebratory moment...I was sitting on the front porch with Jenni of Living with Jane. Immediately after the last stitch went in, out came the shears, and I cut the pieces. It was a happy morning, with a dear friend.

Bohemian Belle, it will be awhile before the spencer is sewn up, sadly, and I may very well not make Janefest due to health worries. We shall see!

Hugs to all,


The Choll said...

The single blue flower brings to mind the Agatha Christie story with Miss Marple, "The Blue Geranium." But I'm not sure if a murder mystery is the mythology you were looking for...
It's been fantastic to see the evolution of this spencer. Onward and upward!

ZipZip said...

Good afternoon, "The Choll!" Thanks for the attagirl. I like the mystery idea for the blue motif. Maybe I'll make up a mystery concerning a missing French beau, lost in the Napoleonic Wars: blue was his color...

In any case, found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it!

Very best,