Sunday, June 03, 2012

Giveaway: Children's and Maternity Patterns!

Christopher got not only a new bed, but a new, bigger room. That meant that I had to move the guest room to the smallest bedroom, and make it an office, too. That meant cleaning out the closet. That meant parting with items I no longer need or use.

What does that mean, in turn? Paying it forward, and giveways for you... I've not done a giveaway before, and it's fun to finally have an opportunity.

The first giveaway has to do with childhood and motherhood:  a set of four patterns and a DMC kit for embroidered sprigs.

(To see the image above full size, click on it. On the slideshow screen, right-click on the image again, and from the pop-up menu, choose Properties. Cut and paste the URL into a fresh browser or browser tab, and you will get the giant photo.)
Our tots in their little bear hats.
Top left: a DMC cotton floss kit with sprig patterns for napkins. Frankly, I think they'd look sweet on dresses or on bibs.

Top middle: cowboy and Indian costumes, size 2: they fit our three year olds, but can size up easily. The cowboy pattern has been used, but all pieces are there.

Top right: baby snuggies. I loved this pattern, though I only used the cap. It made such cute little bear hats for Noah and Christopher! Can't recall, but I might have made up the ears myself, and certainly made up the little bear paw mitts.

John-Johns in action, on Christopher, at right.
Bottom left: John-Johns! Some of the easiest-to-wear boy clothes ever. My boys wore them during summertime almost exclusively through their third year. John-Johns don't bind a boy's waist, so he can run and move unimpeded, and there's no shirt to get in the way, either. It's just about pure freedom for the boy, and pure adorableness for me. Checks! Stripes! Cute animals on the front! We had people stopping us all the time complementing us on how nice the boys looked, for they were fresh and trim and happy in them, even if up close you could see sweet potato stains. Yup, I am a big believer in John-Johns, and was delighted when dear friend Johnny gave me this pattern. However, I was so busy just raising those twins I never was able to make my own. Perhaps you will have more time than I will.

Wee cowboys.
Bottom right: maternity wardrobe, size 18-22 (bust 40, waist 32, hip 42) - (bust 44, waist 37, hip 46). Classic and good looking. From this pattern I developed my own, waistless dress pattern, simply by raising the "waistline" and gathering the skirt, but the base patterns are nice too. Alas, no pictures exist anymore of my favorite, brown and green spotted dress.

If you'd like this set of patterns, please leave me a comment with your name either in the body of the comment or in your name line. On Friday, June 8, at 8:00 p.m. I will pick a random name and announce the winner over the weekend!


MrsC said...

Ooh Natalie, count me in! I know so many pregnant ladies who sew right now, and Aunty MrsC is always on the lookout for kiddy makes. :)

Kerry said...
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ZipZip said...

Sure thing: you're both entered!

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