Thursday, October 20, 2011


Two weeks of it, and counting. First the boys, with seal-like coughs, flushed faces, fevers, then colds, and throughout, lethargy and pain in the chest. Now both parents, ditto, excepting a trade for the terrifying cough with a sort of laryngitis.

Are we blessed to live in the days of modern medicine. This year 2011 may be spilling with every kind of sadness, tragedy, carnage, and venom, but we understand what germs are, do not bleed our already weakened patients, or apply blisters or other heroic treatments. Some of us, anyhow, can nurse each other with plentiful steam baths, plenty of clean air, good food, carefully controlled temperatures, real rest, isolation from further germs.

Thank God.

If you wish to know what croup used to portend, read William Buchan's notes on croup in his 1790 book, Domestic Medicine, pages 557-559.

In other news, lately this blog has received two very lovely awards; more on them anon, when I have time and energy to write.


Jenni said...

So sorry you are going through all of this too. I empathise with you! Get well soon...we have to go to the 18th c. market fair together, you know.

MrsC said...

Oh I feel for you, it is one of the most exhausting upsets you can get. You are doing all the right things of course and you'll all be fine soon :) We are just leaving a winter of so much illness in our office and circle of friends it is quite astounding. Looking forward to summer. not that I want to rub it in! :)

ZipZip said...

Thank you both, my dears.

I MUST be well for the fair; will not miss it another year!

Mrs. C., we are depending on you for lots of pictures of sunshine, and blossoms, and romping at the seaside, and blue skies, and everything else warm and nice. After a snowfall in Wellington, it's time for a change!

Off to get a cup of tea, with milk, and honey,


Kleidung um 1800 said...

Oh dear!
Hope you all get well soon!!!
Over here it is called "Krupp" and you're right, blessed be the modern medicine!
But a lovely hot milk with honey is a nice treat to a sore throat, too:)

Take care,