Monday, April 04, 2011

Springtime at Ashland -- and First Bicycles

Today we wandered the grounds of Henry Clay's Ashland Estate, not far from our home. What's that, boys with coats open in the snow? No, thank goodness. Those are spring beauties, one of our local wildflowers, famed in this neighborhood for looking like a last dusting from winter, overlate in spring, but with a pink tinge.

Springtime encourages bounciness :}

Naturalized garden flowers pop up on Ashland's lawns.

At home, it's time to test their first bicycles again. They are getting the hang of them!

Mild storms carrying lots of rain have arrived since, and outside it's green and glistening and just a bit pleasantly misty. A wonderful night for sleeping, listening to raindrops on the roofs.

Very best to all!


MrsC said...

It sounds like a memorable day, for all kinds of uncomplicated and satisfying reasons :)

An Historical Lady said...

Our own spring is woefully late this year in New Hampshire, and we still have quite a lot of snow. Sigh...
Your photos are so pretty and they help me to realize that eventually we too will have the first flowers and all that green~
Going to the Clay home with your family on a beautiful day sounded wonderful~

ZipZipInkspot said...

When you have twins, days that are uncomplicated are such a treat, and you're right, Mrs. C., this was one of them.

An Historical Lady, good morning! I grew up in Ithaca, NY, and remember the slooooowwwwww springs so sympathize with you. Do you have snowdrops? Sometimes they mitigate impatience for warmth.

Very best,