Monday, April 11, 2011

Selling Some of My Collection

My Mad Men dress -- for sale!
(edited to note: all garments gone at this point.)

It finally had to happen. I have quite a little collection of clothes now, many of which I collected between 1987-1989 when I lived in New York City and worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One dress I bought earlier than that, a very special Mad Men style black lace dress bought vintage in college for a formal -- in 1982 or 1983.

Some are antique, some are vintage, and none are styles I wear now, so it is time to share them out to other costumers, people who love clothes, and people who know how to care for them. So here we go. I've never done this before, and so we will see how it goes.
I will add $5 for shipping via USPS to each garment, unless it's less than that, in which case I'll charge just what it costs to send.

Plus, I'll consider barter, especially for some of the more luxe items to come. Am seeking 1770s-1780s stays, for example.

As always, click on the images to see a larger version.

Circa 1940s Padded Shoulder, Double-Peplum Dress with Double Cap Sleeves and Decorative Neck

Made of either rayon or silk, this navy and white floral dress has light green pink accents in the flower design. It zips at the side, and is relatively form fitting, without being other words, it tends to slide over the curves without over-accenting them.

It features a double peplum at the waist, with matching double capping at the sleeves, shirring on the shoulders to soften the bodice line. There is a cutout at the neckline that closes with a self cord tie.

31" waist
34-36" bust
41" long

It has one sign of wear that I can find, three tiny worn-through holes the size of grains of rice below the back neck. I have worn it twice, and it's otherwise strong.  $35.00.

Very Late 1950s or Very Early 1960s Black Lace with Brilliants Fitted Dress

Here is the current piece de resistance. It's a stunning, highly architectural "little black dress". Made of black Valenciennes lace in a repeating arch pattern, mounted upon synthetic taffeta. Rows of midnight-blue and diamond-colored brilliants set into prongs are individually sewn on top of the lace in arch patterns, repeating the pattern in the lace. More pictures below.

Below the very fitted waist, the skirt is cut with two sort of not-really pockets, following the arched tops of the lace, for a sort of tulip effect when you wear it. High, tight darted bustline, and slit cap sleeves at the top, a tight round neckline in the front, and shallow vee in the back, with a self bow at the back zipper opening. In the back, a reverse pleat allows you to walk. Otherwise, the dress is extremely fitted, although the stiffness of the fabric ensures that, unless the dress is entirely skin-tight, it will slide over figure defects.

The hem was repaired at some point with hem tape; other than that, the dress should be in almost mint condition.

I bought this dress in 1982 or 1983, wore it to a formal and felt fantastic, and have carried it everywhere because I loved it so much. At 47, I have aged out of it in size and style, and now it's time for it to be cherished by the next generation. $55.00.

Again, I can get better pictures in better light, if you are interested in the dress.

26" waist
37" hip
32" bust
44" long

Yellow Leather Gloves with Net Insertion and Leather Floral Accents, in Original Sears Packaging

Wearable! Cute! Springy! One tiny break in the seam where net meets leather; easily fixed. $5.00.

Neo-Edwardian Waist Made of Antique Fabric

This little waist fooled me when I bought it several years ago, at the beginning of my fascination with all things Edwardian. It's not the real deal, but a 1980s reproduction very carefully done with all the details, from the teeny-tiny French seams to the tiny tucks in the sleeves. The lace looks coarse but is nicer than average vintage lace.

It's about a size 4-6, and wearable with care, though the fabric has worn through in pinholes in a few spots. It would made a pleasant tea waist for an informal Edwardian tea. Tons of pictures and measurements in the original posts about it. $20.00.

Circa 1920s German Show Towel of Thick Cotton, Trimmed with High Quality Lace

Bought 12-15 years ago in Atlanta, from an antiques importer. It's meant to hang on a towel rack such that the bottom is in back of the rack, and the front hangs over the top to the front and displays a narrow band of embroidery. Hand-embroideredn naturally. Measures 23" wide x 34" long, including the lace. $15.00

Nice Cotton Slip with Quality Insertion and Eyelet Lace

Handsome slip. Age unknown, but I wouldn't say earlier than 19-teens and later than 1930s.
Waist is bound with tape. Back top button missing, but the tiny mother-of-pearl one midway down the short back placket is still there. There are a few smallish tears in the lace, but I've repaired such before without much trouble, so this is eminently wearable.$15.00


30" waist
32" long
The pictures aren't too great: if you are interested in it, I will post better ones.

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