Sunday, April 10, 2011

1795 Sheer Wrap-front Dress Update

Grandmother and the boys arrange violets
they picked in a vase.
A short note only to assure you -- and myself -- that progress is still occurring. Last week Jenni from Living with Jane very kindly helped me fit the back more closely around the armscyle, a spot where it's nigh impossible to do your own fitting without endless trial and error. We also discussed sleeve renovations and I cut a third toile for that.

I have been able to partially hand-stitch together the bodice, but am not done due to family and to household responsibilities, and to my horror this afternoon, discovered that with an ill-advised nip of the scissors I had cut away the curve of one side of the back neckline. So, I am having to piece in a teeny-tiny piece of linen and ditto voile. What a royal pain.

Springtime is a busy time: the outdoors calls, and dinners with friends, and the garden, and spring cleaning, from paint touchups to washing all the down pillows and duvets to washing windows and scrubbing windowsills. So the teeny-tiny moments I have are usually only long enough to stitch a single, or even a part of a single, seam.

Meanwhile, Jenni has made some very good progress on her dress, a close take on the famous Tidens Toj dress, collar and all.

Very best to you all on this first truly warm spring day,


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