Friday, January 22, 2010

Hoopskirts Make Good Cat Beds

Well, there you have it. One cat, at least, finds happiness and security curling up on a hoopskirt.
Oh, Ladybug. I lay something down for just a moment, and you have to nap on it...

In other news, I am playing with the look of this blog. The header background is a photo of a fragment of real 18th century toile fabric from my collection. I will probably play around a bit more with the blog layout. It looks a little rough, but then, I am not a professional graphic artist.


The Dreamstress said... kitty likes to curl up in hoopskirts too!

ZipZipInkspot said...

How funny: I just read your post about Felicity perhaps 30 minutes ago, while curled up with my kitty.

What a dreamy kitty Felicity is: how could she be any cuter?

Very best and meows from Ladybug,

Rebecca said...

OOH..I love the Toile sample!

Ah, sweet Ladybug:)