Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fashions on Film, 1895-1920, from the Huntley Film Archives

The Huntley Film Archives has quite a large collection of film clips featuring fashions from the Gay Nineties, Edwardian, teens and twenties. They have put some of the better ones together into a single film titled "Fashions 1895-1920".

Photo: Clip showing early teens ensembles. Look at the lady with the tied-back skirt! Lovely, but probably hard to wear.

Among the clips:
  • People on their way to and from events.
  • Small groups of women who appear to be showing off Titanic-era ensembles.
  • Mincing along in hobble skirts! My goodness, did they take small steps!
  • Hairstyle fashions, with the models turning around for the camera.
  • Silent-screen stars.
  • Twenties beauty contests.
  • Clips from silent films.
While some of the clips don't show the fashions close up, and are better for seeing how people moved in their clothes and opened and closed parasols, for example -- important if you are developing an impression -- some of the Titanic-era clips are very clear. There is one lady hobbled silk dress in particular that lots of us will stop the film for, just to see details.

And now, the film:

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