Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Pants Repair...on the Baby

One day last week Christopher sat on the deck.

Not a very extraordinary event in itself. However, he couldn't seem to get up.

I didn't think that extraordinary, either, since he is not quite two years old, after all, until I heard a faint ripping sound. And he stood up.

It dawned on me: the boy sat on a splinter or nail pop and now his pants are torn. Empirical experiment proving that true, I fetched scissors, needle and thread, put the boy over my knee, and mended the rear of his pants on the spot.

He was quite comfortable and when asked, chose not to get up for a little.

It seems he likes being repaired.


Anonymous said...

This is great and I like your hair!

edot said...

oh goodness; too adorable!

Sarah Jane said...

Nothing like an immediate on the spot repair! :) He DOES look quite comfortable!

ZipZipInkspot said...

...yes, he is quite the huggy bunny. Sometimes I call him HWH Prince Christopher, for "Happy When Held" Christtopher. Methinks your youngest is partial to hugging too, Sarah?

Very best,
Natalie in Kentucky