Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Antique Garments, Photographed

Multiple photographs of an antique garment that detail the garment's design, construction and interior are precious to costumers. There aren't so many quality good sources out there (more on that in a moment). That's why, whenever a new source pops up, it's cause for celebration.

Stormi Sourter, of Why Not Then, a newish costuming site, plans to photograph her entire collection of antique clothing, and she already has quite a selection up in the Original Garments section. Each set of photographs comes with garment measurements and construction notes, too. What a boon; thank you!

Photo: detail of the interior of the back closure of a circa 1850s plaid bodice

Other Antique Garment Photo Sources

As I mentioned, quality photos -- more than one two per garment, clearly shot and close up -- aren't over-plentiful. The Victoria and Albert Museum has reissued its Costume in Detail volumes, Linda Baumgartner's Costume Close Up covers a set of 18th century garments in magnificent detail, and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, an online magazine (subscription only), is currently offering several super articles on 1860s' era clothing as part of its Single Pattern Project. Elizabeth Stewart Clark's forum has many threads that deal with the minutae of mid-century clothing construction, but be aware that one must search carefully for threads with photos. By the way, it was on that forum that I learned of Why Not Then. The Fashion Plate and Photo Resources section of this blog catalogs as many online sources as I've been able to discover.

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