Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Springtime and a Christening in Atlanta

On a chilly spring Sunday morning my little nephew Tommy was christened in Atlanta. He was quite sunny about it, what with smiling family and church members all about him. After the happy event we all trooped back to his house for an indoor picnic. Who cares if the air smelled like snow? The boys still wanted to run about the front yard in their shirtsleeves.

Our dear friend Debbie, also a professional photographer, captured the day.

Tommy is christened.

Noah points at his cousins and friends, who are running about just beyond the camera lens.

Tommy leads Noah out to play.

Christopher being Christopher.


Sarah Jane said...

Your boys are so beautiful, Natalie! What a dear picture that is of Tommy and Noah. How sweet!

ZipZipInkspot said...

Thank you, Sarah Jane! That Sunday was an especially nice day, and oh, the cousins so enjoyed seeing each other!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You have photos up! It was a nice day and Tommy so loved having his cousins come to visit! It will just get to be more and more fun as they can interact more. I loved watching Noah watch Tommy and Naia and kept expecting him to run after them more, but I guess he knew he couldn't quite keep up - yet!