Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, a very merry Christmas. The creche you see belonged to my mother's family, and battered as the figurines are, I couldn't imagine unwrapping and setting out any others. Displaying them, I see the Christmas miracle, but also memories.


Mmm said...

How lovely to have your incredibly wonderful Christmas memories blog comment. I LOVed it. So personal adn warm. I lvoed reading it. thank you for sharing it waith all of us and for visiting too. I'm honoured. Keep popping in, even if not posting. I love visitors.

A very merry christmas time to you!!

ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Mmm,
Why, thank you! I will continue to pop in...and in fact, your blog is listed in my Google Reader so I shouldn't miss a post.
Very best,
Natalie in Kentucky

Rebecca said...

I see my dear blogginh friend, MMM, has found his way over here...Wonderful! I love the creche and the skirt turned out lovely....Have a wonderful New Year and Happy Epiphany ( just around the bend...)


ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Rebecca,

Happy New Year! I am standing in the kitchen to write because i I sit, two boys will want to get at the machine :}

Happy New Year to you, too and thank you! MMM's blog is just super and gives plenty to think about. I love Epiphany and in fact am celebrating one of the days of Christmas -- which it is I forget -- by playing the "A Rennaissance Holiday" CD.

Hugs, Natalie