Monday, December 22, 2008

From Fall to Winter...But Lengthening Days

Yesterday marked the winter solstice, the darkest, shortest day of the year. This morning it already feels brighter to me, for now, each day, there will be a little more light, and then a little more, and a little more, until it is spring again.

Photo: Noah behind the potted oregano-cum-geranium, which is jammed next to a Chinese fan palm.

Meanwhile, we'll appreciate how the barren tree branches are sketches in the sky, how the sun reflects from the occasional snows, how the winter birds sing on the random warmish afternoon, when there is a hint of earth smell in the air.

Indoors, we will create a little springtime of our own, in the back guestroom, where morning and afternoon, it is always bright.

Photo: Christopher inspects the same plants, the geranium bravely blooming. Outside, rain patters on the window.


Sarah Jane said...

I too feel the exaltation in knowing each day will be a bit longer than the one before it. Even though we are facing the prospect of a harsh winter, God is already lengthening the days in preparation for the coming spring. How wonderful!

Your boys are getting so big. They are both just beautiful and your photo setting is lovely!

ZipZipInkspot said...

Dear Sarah Jane,

Providence sure knew what he was doing. If we are to be cold, at least we have light. And every day I am grateful for that light to watch my little boys bloom :}

Speaking of light, may your Christmas be full of True Light and joy and family,