Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Edwardian Hairstyle: Four-Part Video Tutorial

Here is a fascinating, four-part video tutorial on creating a very pretty Edwardian hairstyle. It's not a Gibson-girl pompadour, but more complex, more sculpted, as video author Wildilocks explains. Ms. Wildilocks is a professional hairstylist, and the style she creates is not for the faint of heart, and could not be done by onesself.

Photo: the completed hairstyle

Nevertheless, for those of us sans friends or family who can style our hair, there are still techniques that we can learn.

Worth watching!

Part 1
In which we learn how to part the hair, start the several ponytails that form the bases of the hairstyle, and start creating rolls and puffs.

Part 2
In which we focus first on the top rolls and puffs, and then on the back hair, teasing the ponytail there to create puffs.

Part 3
In which we create a roll on the side.

Part 4
The completed hairstyle. Lots of puffs, rolls and sculpting, especially on the back and sides.

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Mina said...

Absolutely beautiful. I sketch portraits and I was looking for a lovely vintage look for a piece I was working on. This gave me some fabulous ideas. Knowing how it all goes together helps marvellously to know just how to move the pen across the canvas to keep the strokes smooth and perfectly pieced together. Thank you so much. You were my inspiration.