Friday, September 05, 2008

The Twins at the Farm!

It was the last week in August, a puffy-cloud afternoon, out at Mamaw and Papaw's. Once out in back, the boys trotted with us down to the Concord grapes, which are so sweet and so heavy on the vine this year. They rather liked the taste, but preferred the apples nearby.

Photo: Mamaw and the boys pick grapes.

That tree has borne so many this year that the branches leaned way down towards the ground. They were mostly picked already but Christopher settled down in the shade with a windfall for a long while, while Noah "helped" Mamaw and I gather up other fallen apples, the sound ones, for us to take home. I had several hours of peeling and cooking them into applesauce during the next days...

After awhile we thought we'd inspect the garden, and Noah patted his first pumpkin; it was fat and round! Then, as we wandered around, we heard Papaw come home so it was back towards the house as fast as excited little boys' feet could go.

And finally, those dirty little feet needed a wash, and so they played under the pump awhile.

Photo: Sweet Concord grapes on the vine.

It was a dreamy afternoon, the kind you remember for years.

A few more shots:
Photo: Christopher and his windfall apple.

Photo: apple gathering.

Photo: Under the pump.


Bobbi said...

Great photos! The twins are adorable!

Lauren Christine said...

What beautiful babies! The Lord has truly blessed you and your husband :)

Rebecca said...

They sure look like they're having a ball and so does Mamaw!...Our kids call my parents Mamaw and Papaw, too..

I'm tagging you for another fun game. If you want to join in come over to my blog for details.