Thursday, August 21, 2008

Edwardian "Lingerie" Dress Diary, Part 4: Skirt Seaming

Last weekend the Edwardian lingerie dress lurched further towards completion: I seamed the skirt. The bodice would have been completed but I hadn't brought the sleeve pattern along with me for my sojourn at my mother's house, so it still lacks sleeves.

As a reminder to readers, I used Jennie Chancey's Sense and Sensibility Beatrix skirt pattern, trained view. I added four inches to the top of each piece to get the Edwardian version of the Empire look. Because linen frays so easily, I used french seams.

Photo: the skirt all seamed except for the final seam that draws it together.

Here is the skirt placed with the bodice. Even with the distortion introduced by the camera lens angle, the high-waisted proportions of the dress are apparent. Here's hoping that this will help pull off the elongated, willowy silhouette I am seeking!

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