Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Tots

On May 31, our two boys had their first birthday. Grandparents and cousins visited and we all, every one of us, had homemade white cake and vanilla ice cream and homegrown strawberries.

Above: everyone sings to to the tots, who take the attention most seriously.

Poor babies, no coffee for them, not even if it did smell so good. There is something about fresh-roasted beans that is softer than regular coffee; we're lucky that a vendor at the farmer's market roasts his own.

Christopher enjoyed it all but Noah thought ice cream less than appealing. Wonder when that will change?

Just a few days before this, the boys and I played in the back with a laundry basket. Bless his baby heart, Christopher can still climb inside it. Please don't grow up too fast, little boy!

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