Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Twins Play with Their Cereal

Noah kept grabbing at the bowl of cereal while I was trying to get spoonfuls of it to feed to him. This happened week after week, until last week I had a brain-wave. If he wanted to get his hands in the cereal, let him!

So glop! went large adult-size spoonfuls of thick rice cereal onto their high-chair trays. And splat! went Noah's hands into the mushy pile. And smear! went the cereal everywhere. Later on in the experiment both hands went into his mouth, and he understood that yes! this was his everyday food and he could eat it on his own.

Christopher, true to nature, was more suspicious. He tested and examined fistfuls of cereal, and never did more than nibble it.

By the end of last week the boys had experimented with cereal three times, and bathtime each night was somewhat extended, as cereal went into ears, up noses, down necks, and dried into the hair. Yikes!

So here they are, experimenting:

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anony said...

Very sweet/fun!
We have a folded towel (usde to use both an old bathmat and a towel) that we keep on T's highchair seat to lift him higher in the seat. You might try it, especially with C so that he has better leverage to mush and experiment. Getting T higher in the seat made him happy.