Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Splashing in a Tub of Water

Last evening marks the second time the boys had fun with a pan of warm water. I set it out, plopped one boy on each side, and let them have at it. On the first go-round several weeks ago, Noah leaned over and put both hands in, splat. Christopher tested the water with a hand repeatedly, pulling his fingers away after a moment's contact and then looking at them.

This time? Both boys put their hands in the water splat. And splat. And splash, plash, plash. Their outfits both received a soaking, as did the front of my skirt and slip.

Oh, did they have fun, and oh, did they want to smile at us about it all!

Here's a little video.

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Lauren Christine said...

How precious!!!!
Lauren Christine (from S&S)