Friday, January 18, 2008

Christopher Kneels at Crib's Edge

Today, for what we think is one of the first times, Christopher pulled himself up to a kneeling position using the crib rail. He was so proud of himself that he remained there, meditatively sticking out his tongue from time to time, telling us about the view, and smiling. He remained there so long we were able to get photos and even a short video.

Later on, as the chilly air outside got chillier, the draft coming from under the front door became worse, so I ran to the grocery and bought two 10-pound bags of rice. No, we're not eating rice to generate heat. Instead, I sewed up a tube of fabric long enough to reach from one end of the door to the other, and stuffed it with the rice. Now it excludes the air quite well, if not perfectly. Since it's to drop to 5 degrees tomorrow night, we needed this aid in a hurry.

Noah helped me. He is fascinated with the sewing machine; don't worry, his fingers are being kept far, far away from moving parts.

Here's another of Noah and the machine, a Singer 27 handcrank, who, as Miz Johnny explained to me recently, is a very companionable, amenable, hard-working elderly lady :}

Here is Christopher at the edge of the crib:

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