Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Steampunk Black Dress: Progress...

Creep under a rock, did I? No, just lots going on, and so working on this dress had to go into background mode. Nevertheless, except for the overskirt waistband, or belt, as it was known, and the interior cords that pull up the overskirt, the dress is functionally complete, and I am trimming it.

Here it is.

Being a night-time shot, the color is not the best, but can you see how it's getting there?

What we have is a scantly box-pleated flounce, and box-pleated sleeves sewn down in two parallel rows, to create a very 18th century look. I wanted puffings, thinking that the black cotton trim fabric would be thin enough, but it's just a tiny bit too stiff to puff nicely. Voile would have worked better for puffings.

Still to complete, if I have time before the event:
  • overskirt trim: a single, narrow box-pleating*, with bias band and tiny header
  • double box pleating above the skirt flounce
  • bodice: single narrow box pleat with bias band and no header, and lace collar
  • iron the thing!
*often referred to then as a plaiting

After the event this weekend, I promise construction posts. This has been a super learning experience in the ways of handling linings, draping, and trimming.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a taste of what we've been doing: riding trains with dear friends! Here, the boys with their Atlanta friends.


Sarah Jane said...

Your dress is quite stunning! I love the elegance of the black flounce and the way it squiggles off into a wonderful train in the back. What a gorgeous gown! This has never been a favorite era of fashion for me but now I am rethinking it. I cannot wait to see it when it is all finished and you are wearing it.

ZipZip said...

Good morning, Sarah Jane!

So glad you like the dress: your opinion means a good deal to me because we share somewhat similar tastes :}

You're right, the first bustle can be a bit much, on the line of "frowsy", as one author has put it, but with trim placed with care, and a pretty chignon and plain pendant on a velvet ribbon, I think it has much to recommend it.