Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Goldwork-Embroidered Petticoat: Progress Report

Slow but sure progress has been made on the goldwork-embroidered petticoat. A quick look.

I've added two more complete swags in check purl, flat spangles for the bows, and cupped spangles with a tiny transparent gold-colored glass seed bead nested into each one. Beads were used, if not copiously, at this period, for a little extra color. In the original there is a cupped spangle with a tiny piece of purl nested into it: I went for the gold beads instead for a change.

You will see I've made progress in learning to backstitch down spangles on the bows. The leftmost bow at the top of the first swag was improperly done, while the second and third were done as they should be. A properly backstitched spangle shows the thread on both sides of the spangle, so it's held down on two sides. That means the spangle is doesn't flutter like the spangles on the leftmost bow do. Less shine, but sturdier. It was popular to either add a length of purl to the backstitch to hide these threads or to couch passing thread down atop the threads, but many pieces do not show this extra step, and I have opted here for the simpler effect.

Today I leave you with something silly. Christopher and I folded laundry Monday morning. After folding some pants and napkins on his own, the boy hit on a new way to get the laundry out of the basket.



Madame Berg said...

It's almost painful to watch its magnificence! Mostly because it puts my spangled adventures to shame :D You are so very talented and this will be something to be proud of forever!

ZipZip said...

Now, now, Madame, your spangles were good! They worked! Besides, you are making all kinds of lovely ensembles, while I am struggling with one single eeny-weeny project for months. I have not made an entirely new garment in two years. Everything is just upgrades. Sigh. So you see, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Meanwhile, yes, I am happy with this petticoat, and heaven grant it lives a long life. Purl has a horrible habit its ends catching on things like kitten claws catching on a sweater, and the result is similar...the work is undone.

Very best,

Natalie in burr-chilly damp, dank, dim and dusky Kentucky

Caroline said...

Wow! Beautiful! I love it! A lovely job.

ZipZip said...

Dear Caroline,

Thank you! Little bit by bit, am getting there.

Very best,


Laura said...

This is looking lovely. Keep up the little bit by bit!

ZipZip said...

Thank you, Miss Laura! I had better be done by July :}