Saturday, June 11, 2011

Their Fourth Birthday

This story was written by Noah and Christopher and Mama.

Here we go, said Noah, when it was time to make the birthday cake for Noah and Christopher. You see, it was our fourth birthday.

Mix it up, that's what we did, says Christopher. Then, when the cake was finished, we took it out of the oven, we frosted it, says Christopher. Then we docorated it, says Noah.  Pretend roses and bananas on there, says Noah, (that's what was on the cake). Curious George had a cake like this.

We had dinner with Mamaw and Papaw and Grandmother and Mama and Daddy. Then we had the cake; we had candles. We put them on in secret, because people don't want to see you put them on, explains Christopher, because it's a surprise.

We sang "Happy Birthday to you, Christopher and Noah".

Then we ate the cake with ice cream -- it was chocolate -- was it chocolate only? Oh, it was strawberry, chocolate, and vernilla, explains Christopher. Daddy says it's called Neapolitan ice cream.

Was it a good birthday, asks Mama? Uh, yes, they say.

Mama reports, yes, it was a good birthday. Very peaceful and happy, a good fourth birthday, indeed.


Jenni said...

Too cute! That cake is adorable...Autumn Jane loves Curious George too! What a sweet story, boys!

MrsC said...

How gorgeous :)

fabriquefantastique said...

absolutely charming

ZipZip said...

Thank you, all three. I will tell them, and they will turn pink with happiness. They enjoy inventing stories, although those usually involve boys on bicycles, cats, and fire trucks :}

Very best,