Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yogurt in Springtime

One of the first warm weeks and the twins have begged to be outside as much as possible. Last evening Noah wanted to eat yogurt outside of his high chair and we acquiesced, on condition that he and his brother eat it outdoors.

Photo: Trying out the yogurt. Oh Christopher, your dirty little feet! Thank goodness Noah's are hidden.

They were neater about it than expected, and hardly needed the tea towel napkins we placed on their laps. Noah says, "I like Daddy-size spoonfuls!" Or would if he could say more than "milk" and "please" and "ball" :} And in fact, both insist on using regular utensils, baby spoons being for babies, you see. They are little men.


Photo: Noah shows he is big enough for his spoon. Let's
inspect his feet. Mmm, cleaner than Christopher's. Mr. C.,
what on earth did you get into that your brother, oh miracle,
did not?

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