Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Boots!

New boots, new boots, nothing like the love for new boots.

These are darlings, besides being so comfortable, as so many boots definitely are not. They're what a friend called paddock boots, from Bob Mickler's, a tack shop here in town, and their shape and the snap button boots on the side recall the button boot style that I love so well.

Made by Ariat, they're sturdy as anything, constructed of strong leather that still manages to be supple, and the sole not only has a shank as almost as wide as three fingers held together, but also one of those air package thingies inside. I can easily wear them all day.

What an unexpected Christmas gift from my husband! We'd agreed to exchange only a book apiece, but there was this lovely treat, a big box under the Christmas tree, and was I happy! I've been without boots. Had wanted badly to purchase the Fugawee Victoria balmoral-style boots, which the Ariat boots hint at, but since whatever boots I found needed to be worn with everything, indoors and out, period or not, these were so practical. Hooray for practicality with a traditional, vintage touch.

Right boot, right side

Ditto, left side

Left side


annamae said...

ooo, love those! :D

Rebecca said...

Good for Curte! What a delightful gift..I know what you mean...I have a definite thing for boots but few of mine are the least bit comfortable but my, don't that look great!